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Episodes 2019; 42(1): 69-75

Published online March 8, 2019


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Looking back to the roots of INHIGEO: The inaugural and 50th anniversary meetings held in Yerevan in 1967 and 2017

Mike Johnston1, Marianne Klemun2*

1395 Trafalgar Street, Nelson 7010, New Zealand
2Department of History, University of Vienna, Universitätsring 1, 1010, Austria; *Corresponding author, E-mail: marianne.klemun@univie.ac.at

Correspondence to:E-mail: marianne.klemun@univie.ac.at

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The International Commission on the History of Geological Sciences (INHIGEO) celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017 in Yerevan (Armenia) with a focus on its foundation in 1967. Since 1967 a meeting has been organised, with few exceptions, yearly and the 50th anniversary was located in the same venue as the first. The following article focuses on these meetings of the Commission from the perspective of the celebrations and field trips in 2017. From the very beginning of INHIGEO, field trips have played a key role in meetings. We will focus on this practice and how it was implemented in 2017.