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Conference Report

Episodes 2009; 32(1): 56-65

Published online March 1, 2009


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Conference Reports

Wojciech Chelmicki1 and Janusz Siwek1, Giacomo Corti2, Dr. Kristine Asch3, K.V. Wilbert Kehelpannala4, Masaru Yoshida5

1Jagiellonian University, Institute of Geography and Spatial Management 7 Gronostajowa str. 30-387 Cracow Poland
2National Research Council of Italy Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources Via G. La Pira, 4 50121, Firenze Italy giacomo.corti@unifi.it
3Workshop Organizer, Chair of CGI Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) Stilleweg 2 30165 Hannover, Germany Email: Kristine.Asch@bgr.de
4Institute of Fundamental Studies Hantana Road, Kandy Sri Lanka wilbert@ifs.ac.lk or kvwilbert@hotmail.com
5Gondwana Institute for Geology and Environment Hashiramoto 147-2 Hashimoto 648-0091 Japan gondwana@gaia.eonet.ne.jp

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