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Gale A, Batenburg S, Coccioni R, Dubicka Z, Erba E, Falzoni F, Haggart J, Hasegawa T, Ifrim C, Jarvis I, Jenkyns H, Jurowska A, Kennedy J, Maron M, Muttoni G, Pearce M, Petrizzo MR, Premoli-Silva I, Thibault N, Voigt S, Wagreich M, Walaszczyk I.  The Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) of the Campanian Stage at Bottaccione (Gubbio, Italy) and its Auxiliary Sections: Seaford Head (UK), Bocieniec (Poland), Postalm (Austria), Smoky Hill, Kansas (U.S.A), Tepayac (Mexico).  Episodes 2023;46:451-490.
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