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Editorial Board


Prof. Dr. Sung Keun Lee

School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea
E-mail: sungklee@snu.ac.kr
Expertise: Geochemistry, Geological and Planetary Sciences

Managing Editor

Prof. Dr. Youngsook Huh

School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea
E-mail: yhuh@snu.ac.kr
Expertise: Geochemistry

Associate Editors

Prof. Dr. Hema Achyuthan

Institute for Ocean Mangaement, Anna University, India
E-mail: hachyuthan0@gmail.com
Expertise: Climate change, Geochronology, Geomorphology, Palaeoclimate

Prof. Dr. Laia Alegret

Department of Earth Sciences, University of Zaragoza, Spain
E-mail: laia@unizar.es
Expertise: Critical events for ecosystems, Micropalaeontology

Dr. Kristine Asch

Department of Geoscientific Information, International Cooperation, Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), Germany
E-mail: Kristine.Asch@bgr.de
Expertise: Database management, Mapping

Dr. Margaret Brocx

Environmental and Conservation Sciences, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia
E-mail: m.brocx@outlook.com, m.brocx@iinet.net.au
Expertise: Geology, Coastal Geomorphology, Geotourism, Geoheritage, Geoconservation, Geoheritage Toolkit

Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Catlos

Department of Geology, Jackson School of Geosciences, The University of Texas at Austin, USA
E-mail: ejcatlos@jsg.utexas.edu; ejcatlos@gmail.com
Expertise: Lithosphere dynamics of major fold belts, Geochemistry

Dr. Chee-Ming Chan

Centre for Graduate Studies, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Malaysia
E-mail: chan@uthm.edu.my;Cheeming76@live.com
Expertise: Engineering geology

Dr. Giuseppe Di Capua

Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Italy
E-mail: giuseppe.dicapua@ingv.it
Expertise: Emergency management, Geoethics, Seismic hazards, Risk assessment

Dr. Sabina Dolenec

Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute, Slovenia
E-mail: sabina.dolenec@zag.si
Expertise: Building stone, Stone built heritage

Prof. Dr. Andrea Festa

Department of Earth Sciences, University of Torino, Italy
E-mail: andrea.festa@unito.it
Expertise: Structural geology, Tectono-stratigraphy

Prof. Dr. Stanley Finney

Department of Geological Sciences, California State University at Long Beach, USA
E-mail: Stan.Finney@csulb.edu
Expertise: Paleozoic, Stratigraphy

Dr. Kathleen Histon

INHIGEO Publications and outreach coordinator, Ireland
E-mail: hiscat@interfree.it
Expertise: History of Geology, Paleontology, Stratigraphy

Dr. Gurmeet Kaur

Department of Geology, Panjab University, India
E-mail: gurmeet28374@gmail.com
Expertise: Igneous Petrology and Geochemistry

Dr. Osamu Kazaoka

Research Institute of Environmental Geology, Chiba (RIEGC), Japan
E-mail: osamu.kazaoka@gmail.com
Expertise: Seismicity, Seismic hazards

Prof. Dr. Heejung Kim

Department of Geology, Kangwon National University, Republic of Korea
E-mail: hydroqueen@kangwon.ac.kr
Expertise: Geobiology, Groundwater modeling, Hydroecology, Hydrogeology, Karst hydrology, Water policy

Prof. Dr. Jin-Yong Lee

Department of Geology, Kangwon National University, Republic of Korea
E-mail: hydrolee@kangwon.ac.kr
Expertise: Aqueous geochemistry, Hydrogeology

Dr. Brian Marker

United Kingdom
E-mail: marker.brian1@gmail.com
Expertise: Engineering geology, Landslides, Land-use planning, Rockfall and subsidence, Waste management

Prof. Dr. Victor Mocanu

University of Bucharest, Romania
E-mail: vi_mo@yahoo.com
Expertise: Earth Sciences, Earthquake, Exploration geophysics, Geodynamics, Geophysics, Regional geology, Seismics, Tectonics

Prof. Dr. Nellia Mutemeri

School of Mining Engineering, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa
E-mail: mutemerinellie@gmail.com
Expertise: Economic geology, Geological mapping, Minerals

Prof. Dr. Maria Dolores Pereira

Department of Geology, University of Salamanca, Spain
E-mail: mdp@usal.es
Expertise: Building stone, Geoscience for society, Gender issues, Impact factor issues

Prof. Dr. Maria Rose Petrizzo

Department of Earth Sciences “A. Desio”, University of Milan, Italy
E-mail: mrose.petrizzo@unimi.it
Expertise: Paleoceanography, Paleontology, Paleoecology, Paleobiology, Stratigraphy

Prof. Dr. Mihail Popescu

Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA
E-mail: mihail.e.popescu@gmail.com
Expertise: Engineering geology of slope stability, Expansive and compressible soils, Geotechnical computer modelling, Hazard assessment

Prof. Dr. Brian Pratt

Department of Geological Sciences, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
E-mail: brian.pratt@usask.ca
Expertise: Geobiology, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Palaeontology, Sedimentary petrology

Dr. Elizabeth Rovere

Servicio Geológico Minero Argentino (SEGEMAR), Argentina
E-mail: draelizabethrovere@gmail.com; eirovere@gmail.com
Expertise: Disaster preparedness, Volcanology, Volcanic hazards

Prof. Dr. Reimar Seltmann

Natural History Museum London, UK
E-mail: R.Seltmann@nhm.ac.uk
Expertise: Mineral deposits, Petrology

Prof. Dr. Afroz Ahmad Shahd

Department Physical and Geological Sciences, Universiti of Brunei, Brunei
E-mail: afroz.shah@ubd.edu.bn
Expertise: Earthquake, Geodynamics, Geomorphology, Geosciences education, History of geology, Quaternary geology, Structural geology, Tectonics

Prof. Dr. Clara Vasconcelos

Department of Geology, Environment and Spatial Planning, Portugal
E-mail: csvascon@fc.up.pt
Expertise: Geoscience education and methods

Prof. Dr. Wenjiao Xiao

Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
E-mail: wj-xiao@mail.iggcas.ac.cn
Expertise: Geodynamics of igneous and metamorphic terrains

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June, 2024
Vol.47 No.2
pISSN 0705-3797
eISSN 2586-1298

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Proposals for SPECIAL ISSUES

Proposals for SPECIAL ISSUES will be considered if these are agreed with the potential GUEST-editors at least 1 year in advance OF ITS PUBLICATION, IF APPROVED. These must fit within about 75 printed pages (6-8 papers). Contributors must secure funds to support any expanded issue. No guest editor can author or co-author more than one paper in their special issue.

In the proposal, special issue’s title, list of potential articles, outline for each of them, authors and their affiliations, a clear motivation and goals of the proposal, and submission and review time plan should be included. PROCEEDINGS OR CONTRIBUTIONS COMING STRAIGHT FROM A MEETING OR CONFERENCE WILL not be published in Episodes. A special issue should focus on single geologic theme. There should be cohesion or focus to the issue. All each paper should be of broad international interest.

Acceptance or rejection of the proposal entirely depends on evaluation by IUGS Publication Committee. The proposal should be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief of Episodes for being evaluated.

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