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Rochlitz porphyry tuff (“Rochlitzer Porphyrtuff”): A candidate for “Global Heritage Stone Resource” designation from Germany
Two-decade seismicity of the SE Alborz region, Iran: Relocation of earthquake hypocenters using cross-correlation based time corrections
The Ottone-Levanto Line of Eastern Liguria (Italy) uncovered: a Late Eocene-Early Oligocene snapshot of Northern Apennine geodynamics at the Alps/Apennines Junction
Early Neoproterozoic syncollisional S-type granites from the western Yangtze Block, South China: Implications for final closure of the back-arc basin
Factors affecting spatial pattern of groundwater hydrochemical variables and nitrate in agricultural region of Korea
Petrological and geochemical compositions of beach sands of the Barton and Weaver peninsulas of King George Island, West Antarctica: implications for provenance and depositional history
Global Standard Stratotype-Section and Point (GSSP) for the conterminous base of the Miaolingian Series and Wuliuan Stage (Cambrian) at Balang, Jianhe, Guizhou, China

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June, 2019
Vol.42 No.2
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