Table. 1.

Major milestones of IGCP 610

No Milestone Target date month, year
M1 Establishing the Reference List of main publications on Project subjects 12/2014
M3 Elaboration of the model for the filling of the Black Sea basin by Mediterranean salt water during the Holocene (Esin et al., 2015) 12/2015
M2 Establishing the data set on the Quaternary chronometry of the “CORRIDORS” 12/2016
M4 Elaboration of the model for the evolutionary mechanisms of the Paratethys Sea and its separation into the Black Sea and Caspian Sea (Esin et al., 2018) 12/2016
M5 Assembling the Reference Collection of Ponto-Caspian foraminifera (supplemented by SEM images) and mollusks 12/2017
M8 Establishing the regional stratigraphic and geochronological scales (Yanina et al., 2018; Yanko-Hombach, 2018) 10/2018
M7 Correlation of the Ponto-Caspian and Mediterranean water exchange with the first peopling in Europe (Chepalyga, 2018) 08/2018
M9 Reconstruction of the Eastern Paratethys – Mediterranean connections during the Neogene and Quaternary (Popov et al., 2018) 10/2018
Episodes 2019;42:343~354
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