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Frequency : Quarterly

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Episodes Journal of International Geoscience – Episodes covers developments of regional and global importance in the Earth sciences and is distributed worldwide to scientists in more than 150 countries. Articles contributed to Episodes are of interest to a broad audience of professional scientists having diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Articles include current reviews, new results from research projects of more than local significance, and discussion of the infrastructure of science -- techniques, research programs, organizations, science policy, or technical assistance. It offers geoscientists :


Aims and Scope

  • Authoritative articles that reflect worldwide research advances and evolving trends in geoscience disciplines.
  • A forum for information exchange within the global Earth science community.
  • News about activities sponsored by IUGS and its affiliates.
  • A comprehensive calendar of future international geoscience events and training opportunities.
  • Concise reports concerning results of international meetings, conferences, and symposia.

Volume 39, Issue 4, December 2016

Table of Contents


Towards an Ediacaran Time Scale: Problems, Protocols, and Prospects
Shuhai Xiao, Guy M. Narbonne, Chuanming Zhou, Marc Laflamme, Dmitriy V. Grazhdankin, Malgorzata Moczydlowska-Vidal, Huan Cui 540-555
Total views: 792
Groundwater and Global Palaeoclimate Signals (G@GPS)
Sylvi Haldorsen, Martine J. van der Ploeg, Dioni I. Cendon, Jianyao Chen, Najiba Chkir Ben Jemaa, Jason J. Gurdak, Roland Purtschert, Ofelia Tujchneider, Rein Vaikmae, Marcela Perez, Kamel Zouari 556-567
Total views: 480
Observations on Seismically Induced Liquefaction-Fluidization in Reclaimed Land at Hinode, Honshu, Japan
Hisashi Nirei, Osamu Kazaoka, Masaaki Uzawa, Tomoyo Hiyama, Jonas Satkunas, Muneki Mitamura 568-581
Total views: 430
Mining Induced Collapse in 1997 and Seismic Records at Changyu, SE China
Yanjun Shang, Zhifa Yang, Wantong He, Lihui Li, Peng Yang, Qiaohui Luo, Chenxiao Tao, Tianbin Li 582-589
Total views: 374
Albitite Hosted Gold-Sulfide Mineralization:An Example from the Paleoproterozoic Aravalli Supracrustal Sequence, Bhukia Area, Western India
Rahul Mukherjee, A. S. Venkatesh, Fareeduddin 590-598
Total views: 426
A Comparative Study of Gravity and Crustal Deformation Data through Superconducting Gravimeter and Gps Observations in the North-West Himalayan Region
Vishal Chauhan, D. D. Khandelwal, Naresh Kumar 599-603
Total views: 401


2016 International Year of Global Understanding:Building Bridges between Global Thinking and Local Actions
Benno Werlen, Luiz Osterbeek, M. H. Henriques 604-611
Total views: 497



Official Recognition of 2016 UNESCO Global Geoparks Applications Geological Section Evaluation
Marko Komac, Roland Oberhaensli, Patrick Mc Keever 619-619
Total views: 356