Episodes Journal of International Geoscience

ISSN : 0705-3797

Frequency : Quarterly

Editor-in-Chief : Fareeduddin


Episodes Journal of International Geoscience – Episodes covers developments of regional and global importance in the Earth sciences and is distributed worldwide to scientists in more than 150 countries. Articles contributed to Episodes are of interest to a broad audience of professional scientists having diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Articles include current reviews, new results from research projects of more than local significance, and discussion of the infrastructure of science -- techniques, research programs, organizations, science policy, or technical assistance. It offers geoscientists :


Aims and Scope

  • Authoritative articles that reflect worldwide research advances and evolving trends in geoscience disciplines.
  • A forum for information exchange within the global Earth science community.
  • News about activities sponsored by IUGS and its affiliates.
  • A comprehensive calendar of future international geoscience events and training opportunities.
  • Concise reports concerning results of international meetings, conferences, and symposia.

Volume 39, Issue 2, June 2016

Table of Contents


R. P. Viljoen, M. G. C. Wilson 83-84
Total views: 116


Susan Frost-Killian, Sharad Master, Richard P. Viljoen, Michael G.C. Wilson 85-103
Total views: 79


A Review of the Witwatersrand Basin-The World’s Greatest Goldfield
Rodney F. Tucker, Richard P. Viljoen, Morris J. Viljoen 105-133
Total views: 74
Lake Victoria Goldfields
J. Henckel, K. H. Poulsen, T. Sharp, P. Spora 135-154
Total views: 39
West African Goldfields
M. Robertson, L. Peters 155-176
Total views: 37
A Review of the Birimian Supergroup-and Tarkwaian Group-Hosted Gold Deposits of Ghana
Albertus J. B. Smith, George Henry, Susan Frost-Killian 177-197
Total views: 42
Overview of Diamond Resources in Africa
Mike de Wit, Zi Bhebhe, Jim Davidson, Stephen E. Haggerty, Paul Hundt, Jurgen Jacob, Mike Lynn, Tania R. Marshall, Charles Skinner, Karl Smithson, Johann Stiefenhofer, Martin Robert, Anthony Revitt, Renato (Spaggs) Spaggiari, John Ward 198-238
Total views: 48
The Bushveld Complex
Morris Viljoen 239-268
Total views: 46
Palaeoproterozoic Banded Iron formationhosted High-Grade Hematite Iron Ore Deposits of the Transvaal Supergroup, South Africa
Albertus J. B. Smith, Nicolas J. Beukes 269-284
Total views: 46
Manganese Deposits of Africa
Nicolas J. Beukes, Edward P.W. Swindell, Herve Wabo 285-317
Total views: 47
An Overview of Nickel Mineralisation in Africa with Emphasis on the Mesoproterozoic East African Nickel Belt (EANB)
D. M. Evans, J. P. P. M. Hunt, J. R. Simmonds 319-333
Total views: 47
Uranium in Africa
Judith A. Kinnaird, Paul A. M. Nex 335-359
Total views: 44
Tin in Africa
Judith A. Kinnaird, Paul A.M. Nex, Lorenzo Milani 361-380
Total views: 39
Rare Earth Deposits of Africa
R. E. Harmer, P. A. M. Nex 381-406
Total views: 48
The Coalfields of South-Central Africa: A Current Perspective
P. J. Hancox 407-428
Total views: 36
The Oil and Gas Basins of Africa
R. C. Selley, D. van der Spuy 429-445
Total views: 45
Potash Deposits in Africa
Andrew Pedley, Jana Neubert, Sebastiaan van der Klauw 447-457
Total views: 42