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Episodes Journal of International Geoscience – Episodes covers developments of regional and global importance in the Earth sciences and is distributed worldwide to scientists in more than 150 countries. Articles contributed to Episodes are of interest to a broad audience of professional scientists having diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Articles include current reviews, new results from research projects of more than local significance, and discussion of the infrastructure of science -- techniques, research programs, organizations, science policy, or technical assistance. It offers geoscientists :


Aims and Scope

  • Authoritative articles that reflect worldwide research advances and evolving trends in geoscience disciplines.
  • A forum for information exchange within the global Earth science community.
  • News about activities sponsored by IUGS and its affiliates.
  • A comprehensive calendar of future international geoscience events and training opportunities.
  • Concise reports concerning results of international meetings, conferences, and symposia.

Volume 38, Issue 4, December 2015

Table of Contents



Continental Margin Ophiolites of Neotethys: Remnants of Ancient Ocean-Continent Transition Zone (OCTZ) Lithosphere and their Geochemistry, Mantle Sources and Melt Evolution Patterns
Emilio Saccani, Yildirim Dilek, Michele Marroni, Luca Pandolfi 230-249
Total views: 556
OIB- and P-Type Ophiolites Along the Yarlung-Zangbo Suture Zone (YZSZ), Southern Tibet: Poly-Phase Melt History and Mantle Sources of the Neotethyan Oceanic Lithosphere
Gaoxue Yang, Yildirim Dilek 250-265
Total views: 489
Pre-Alpine Extensional Tectonics of a Peridotite-Localized Oceanic Core Complex in the Late Jurassic, High-Pressure Monviso ophiolite (Western Alps)
Gianni Balestro, Andrea Festa, Yildirim Dilek, Paola Tartarotti 266-282
Total views: 465
The Taitao Ophiolite-Granite Complex, Chile: Emplacement of Ridge-Trench Intersection Oceanic Lithosphere on Land and Origin of Calc-Alkaline I-Type Granites
Ki-Cheol Shin, Ryo Anma, Takanori Nakano, Yuji Orihashi, Shin-Ichi Ike 283-297
Total views: 432
Structure and Petrology of the Nagaland-Manipur Hill Ophiolite Melange Zone, NE India: A Fossil Tethyan Subduction Channel at the India – Burma Plate Boundary
Fareeduddin, Yildirim Dilek 298-314
Total views: 474
Variscan Ophiolites in NW Iberia: Tracking Lost Paleozoic Oceans and the Assembly of Pangea
Ricardo Arenas, Sonia Sanchez Martinez 315-333
Total views: 461
Al- and Cr-Rich Chromitites from the Eastern Havana-Matanzas Ophiolites (western Cuba)
Angelica Isabel Llanes Castro, Joquin Antonio Proenza, Federica Zaccarini, Giorgio Garuti, Maria Santa Cruz Pacheco Sarlabous 334-343
Total views: 427
Diamond-Bearing Ophiolites and their Geological Occurrence
Jingsui Yang, Paul T. Robinson, Yildirim Dilek 344-364
Total views: 434


In Memory of Anders Wikstrom (1937-2015)
Total views: 404